A Note of Daring

Scott Perry: Coddiwomple Onward

Episode Summary

In a conversation inspired by Scott’s new book, Onward: Where Certainty Ends Possibility Begins, we talk about his journey to now, how certainty is a lie, what it means to coddiwomple, using resistance as a wayfinder, and more.

Episode Notes

Scott Perry is Creative on Purpose’s Chief Difference Maker, the author of Onward, and a head coach in Seth Godin’s Akimbo Workshops.  Find him online at Creative on Purpose. 


Onward by Scott Perry

Writing in Community


Book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Book: The Practice by Seth Godin

Book: The First 20 Hours by Josh Kaufman (Deliberate Practice)

Book: Company of One by Paul Jarvis

Steven Pressfield