A Note of Daring

Lauren Green: Jumping off Cliffs

Episode Summary

This delightful conversation with Lauren Green dives into starting a business as a visual practitioner, jumping off cliffs, online dating during a pandemic, and whacks on the side of the head.

Episode Notes

Lauren and I dive into laughing and winding conversation about getting into graphic recording, starting and pivoting a business, leaping off literal and figurative cliffs, the Kingdom in Hawaii, asking for help, making generous assumptions, online dating during a pandemic, creating space for conversation, adding growing in business, and stepping up as a leader. This conversation was a joy and a huge thanks to Lauren for sharing and joining me on the podcast journey. 

Lauren Green is a visual practitioner, graphic facilitator, certified coach, and founder her business, Dancing with Markers.  Find her work at https://www.dancingwithmarkers.com and follow her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dancingwithmarkers/

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